Bathroom Renovations

What are the many aspects of a good bathroom renovation Perth? Have you ever wondered about this? We at GIB TILING are aware...

Leaking Shower Repairs

Leaking shower perth, dripping shower heads and faucets are commonplace and can be a spot of bother and/or can lead...

Floor Tiling

GIB TILING engages in good Floor Tiling in Perth. Impressive floor tilingis always very welcoming be it in your office or home...

Water Proofing

When we at GIB TILING undertake regrouting work, we keep in mind costs, time, and we also use the latest equipments and not to miss...

Welcome to Gib Tiling Perth

Be it home improvement or embellishment of commercial space, GIB Tiling's workmanship and wide-range products will leave you awestruck. But the question is, what constitutes us 'best'? In the world of thickly-spread tiling companies, we have already established ourselves as the leader.

And, as a leading tiling company in Perth, we not only offer quality but unmatched service to give your private or personal space the desired look. To give you a quick snapshot; we tile floor and wall of your bathroom, kitchen, balconies and outdoors too. And off course, business center is our forte.

And while we are talking about our services, it'd be even better if we talked about our Perth based team members. For over the last 2 decades they reflect skill, efficiency and quality in every project they undertake and every project they have finished.

Why Use Gib Tiling

We pride ourselves on being skilled and experienced in all aspects of internal and external Tiling procedures, from preparation & fitting to cleaning & renovation, we provide a complete tiling service for all applications.

We completed and fulfill you with all functional units with efficient design by elegant tiles even if it's a small project made on easy payment.

We specialize in all types of tiling, different materials ranging from ceramics, metal, glass, porcelain & natural stone - slate, limestone, travertine, granite & marble. Mosaics to large format, all fixing utilizes the market leading adhesives & grouts available to suit the application. By utilizing these materials we believe in making a house to your home.

Improve your kitchen or your bathroom with our sophisticated tile designs or permit us to turn your designs into veracity. Our fully trained expert tile fixers can help with advice on designs, colors, enhancing, restoration, sealing and polishing. For further queries, call us on 0404 467 471 or complete our online form and we will get in touch with you.

Being professional tillers, we will replace the old ones and place the new tiles with no time. Afterwards you will be able to enjoy your newly tiled bathroom, kitchen, or floor in any other room. We provide you one of the fastest and most dependable methods to deal with this particular type of home enhancement.

GIB Tiling has over 25 years of tiling and waterproofing experience in the Perth. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality of workmanship and professionalism.

We are highly knowledgeable in suburban and business center tiling, bathroom renovations, waterproofing, silicone work and soundproofing, we work with a diversity of finishes comprising ceramic and porcelain tiles, stone (marble, granite and limestone), glass, metal and concrete pavers. Our responsibility of care to all our customers comprises making sure our work meets perth Standards and tolerances. Our tilers people are qualified and experienced professionals who are fully insured and licensed.

You can also visit our testimonials page to see our very promising customer’s feedbacks.

GIB TILING consists of a small team of fully qualified and insured wall and floor tilers consistently delivering the highest standards of wall and floor tiling at affordable prices.

Call Us : 0404 467 471


The services rendered by us include:

  • Residential tiling
  • Leaky shower repairs/replacement
  • Grout cleaning/replacement
  • Silicone installations
  • Waterproofing treatment
  • Shop tiling
  • Tiling repairs
  • Wall and floor tiling for both the interiors and exteriors
  • Floor rendering, plastering & screeding
  • Tiling balconies, pool area, driveways, and outdoor areas
  • House restorations/renovation
  • Bathroom tiling
  • Traditional sand and cement screeding

And where are our areas of operation?

We are based in Perth, and we extend our tiling services to the suburbs of Mandurah and Yanchep and also to the Perth metro and CBD areas.

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