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“Telling Lies is a bit like tiling bathrooms- if you don't know how to do it properly, it's best not to try.” - Tom Holt

As we can understand that the quote articulates, tiling is not anybody's and everyone's job, that anyone can do it with all competence and promptly.

We have been Tiling in Perth and the surrounding areas for over 20 decades, and take a pride in our work and double check customer requests are understood. Our motto is to give you great value for money and minimize the amount of commotion to your home whilst finishing our work.

about us

GIB TILING is a family-owned Tiling Services Company in Perth. We are having twenty years of experience, we will install your tiles to the highest quality of workmanship. For the larger job our reasonable price makes the tiles you want more affordable.

We have positively assumed and determined leak exposure and are happy to regrout your existing tiles. Our work is fully protected and I hold a heightened check for your peace of mind.

All the tilers of the company are highly experienced in the tiling business and are passionate in executing innovative ideas in rendering this.

What are the points for which you choose us? We continue increasing our service lines and adding even more new and unique solutions. The name GIB TILING has become synonymous with magnificence, high quality, and innovation.

The other points why you choose us are:

  • Our experience
  • Quality
  • Knowledge
  • Competitive pricing
  • Great team work
  • Timeliness, and also customized services.

The number, variety and quality of our lines permit us to meet the requirements and presentation necessities of nearly any project, whether private or personal. We pride ourselves on considering every client with politeness and competence, rendering the maximum level of service promising and offering products that will bring a longtime of value and desire.

We strive to offer the best stage of flooring range through eminence services that exceeds the anticipation of customers. Our Vision is to modernize the home decoration industry by uninterruptedly providing new experiences to customers.

GIB TILING consists of a small team of fully qualified and insured wall and floor tilers consistently delivering the highest standards of wall and floor tiling at affordable prices.

Call Us : 0404 467 471

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