Leaking shower Repairs Perth

Leaking shower Perth, dripping shower heads and faucets are commonplace and can be a spot of bother or can lead to bigger problems. And most of the times, the showers will need to be checked, repaired or replaced so as to effectively accurate the leaks away!

There is another side of leaking showers, balcony repairs Perth, not only is it bothersome, but there is constant wastage of our precious natural resource which is water. And these leaks turns the cause of water stains to appear on the bathroom floor or bath tubs which do not look good at all.

If the shower leakages are not taken care of, then the leaks can also damage bathroom flooring and even ceilings in the long run. For correcting all these damages like shower leakage and floor stains, you can reach out to professionals like the tilers or shower repair perth specialists at GIB TILING, then you can be assured that we will take care of all these snags.

Our professional shower repair perth experts promptly attend to any shower repairs requests. And in addition to shower repairs and replacements, waterproofing and shower sealing services are also part of the services we offer.

Along with setting the right shower in your bathroom, we also accurate any water damage that may have been caused and also check the tile grouting to see if it has also been damaged or affected. Or if the grouting needs to be changed or regrouting is required, we will also do that for you.

Why are Shower leaks every day?

There are many reasons for shower leakage. Water leakage, problems with the bathroom enclosures, general wear and tear of the shower and shower heads, gradual wearing off of silicone sealants, aging buildings, older homes, cracks and weakening structures and also extreme weather conditions can give way to these issues.

Sometimes the waterproof membrane also gives way. This would be due to bad installation, wear and tear, or if the membrane is cracked or damaged, then water seeps out and causes more damage.

The fallout of Leaking/leaky showers:

Damage to the Floor, Tile and Grout

Water stains and constant pooling of water can damage the floors and also ceilings in the long-run. And not just that, it leaves water stains that cannot be effectively removed at times. Also if the tile grouting is damaged and there is a crack or space, then water seeps and can damage the walls too.

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Damage to drains and drain pipes

At the time of leaking showers, then water leakage is always higher and constant and this, in turn, can affect drainpipes or also drain grates, and also water may not effectively pass through the drain or can, in turn, lead to leaky drainpipes.

What are some indicative signs of leaking showers?

  • Damp, swollen walls and floor skirting.
  • Constant dampness or mould build-up in the walls.
  • Peeling of paint from the ceilings, walls, bathrooms or even on wall exteriors.
  • Adjoining room carpets and wallpaper are wet and give a damp odour.
  • Damage to the ceilings, walls, cupboards and cabinets and also, the wood starts rotting.
  • The timber placed in the structure or subfloor gets discolored or damaged.
  • Tiles start cracking or there are crevices in the bathroom tiles.
  • Gradual wear out or absence of sealants in the grout or shower heads.

What distinguishes our leaky shower repair methods?

We at GIB TILING have devised a very effective and dynamic combination of methods, equipment, tools, and products to ensure that your leaky showers are a thing of the past. Our services are competent and prompt and not to miss, it comes with our seal of guarantee. And when it comes to repairing leaking showers, our trained personnel follow or engage in a series of steps to ensure that the shower heads are not leak and also see that the sealants are in place, regrouting is also carried out and then the area becomes completely waterproofed.

GIB TILING consists of a small team of fully qualified and insured wall and floor tilers consistently delivering the highest standards of wall and floor tiling at affordable prices.

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