Floor Tiling & Wall Tiling Perth

We offer you a wide range of tiling services to our customers. No matter it is an insignificant job or a tough job to do.

What we do?

A Floor Tiling & Wall Tiling Perth add additional value and elegance to a house. Individual design such as fireplace, back wall of television.

Avoidance tiling is additional popular work to be done just after the floor tiling, which makes wiping the floor easier without destruction the wall paintings.

For external walls, wall cladding and the large piece of tiles are a substitute for being premeditated & used on the front promotion, it is of sequence a signature feature to your beautiful home.

Tile Removal

Having a cracking and loss tile? We can remove one single tile without damaging the others. We are acquainted with all kinds of tiling and stones. Porcelain, ceramic, granite, marble, travertine and many others. Please don’t waver to call us on 0451884830 about your next renovations.

Our skilled tilers about your project. Let them take you over the managerial process, from guidance on correctness and selection, through to computing your plans and meeting your budget.

If you are considering about restoration your house or renovation project, you would want to change or replace the existing floor or wall tiles Perth and this is something GIB TILING is very skillful at doing and we really take care of it totally.

If you have any queries, we at GIB TILING are just a call away!

GIB TILING consists of a small team of fully qualified and insured wall and floor tilers consistently delivering the highest standards of wall and floor tiling at affordable prices.

Call Us : 0404 467 471

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