Shower Tiling & Leaking Shower Repairs Perth

Do you have a leaking shower problem? Old, stained or cracked shower tiles? Mouldy silicone or crumbling grout in your shower?
Look no further – GIB Tiling has the shower repair skills and experience you need – call us today! 0404 467 471
GIB Tiling can locate any leaks, completely re-grout your shower, fix leaks and broken tiles and completely refresh and repair an old or tired shower area.
  • Check for Shower Leaks Using a non-invasive electronic leak detector and thermal imaging camera, GIP Tiling will accurately diagnose leaky tiles or pipes.
  • Remove Grout De-grout to the required depth around the shower perimeter, floor waste, wall- to-wall junctions, wall & floor joints.
  • Waterproof Membrane A liquid membrane repair seal is injected underneath the floor tiles to repair the waterproof membrane.
  • Replace Floor & Joints Grout The grout is then replaced with one of our 2 part epoxies then a waterproof sealant is applied to the shower floor.
This whole shower repair process takes only 3-4 hours and your shower is ready to use the next day! – Call GIB Tiling now.